PMP 450m (90 grados)

PMP 450m (90 grados)

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El PMP 450m es la primera plataforma de acceso de banda ancha inalámbrica fija con tecnología cnMedusa ™. Proporciona la tecnología Massive Multi-User MIMO (Entrada Múltiple, Salida Múltiple) en una solución rentable. La tecnología MU-MIMO ofrece una eficiencia espectral innovadora en un paquete altamente integrado, mientras se gestiona desde un único panel en la nube. El PMP 450m permite a los operadores de red proporcionar rápidamente conexiones de Internet más rápidas a un número significativamente mayor de personas, lugares y cosas.

El punto de acceso PMP 450m es el AP más escalable, de mayor capacidad y más eficiente espectralmente de la industria. cnMedusa es la primera tecnología de su tipo en una plataforma fija de acceso inalámbrico de banda ancha. El 450m utiliza tecnología masiva MIMO multiusuario en una solución rentable. La implementación de MU-MIMO junto con la tecnología de formación de haces ofrece una eficiencia espectral innovadora y un rendimiento sobresaliente en entornos de alta interferencia.
Model/Part# See table below for full set of Model and Part Numbers
Channel Spacing Configurable on 5 MHz increments
Frequency Range 5150 - 5970 MHz (exact frequencies as allowed by local regulations) 
Channel Width 5 I 10 I 20 I 40 MHz
MAC (Media Access Control) Layer Cambium proprietary and optionally standard 802.lln
Physical Layer 2x2 MIMO/OFDM
Ethernet Interfaced 100/lOOOBaseT, rate auto negotiated, 802.3at compliant
Powering Methods Supported 56 V PoE (included), standard 802.3at PoE Supply, or CMM4 with 56 V and 5 pin to 7 pin cross over cable adapter
Protocols Used IPv4/IPv6 (Dual Stack), UDP, TCP, ICMP, SNMPv2c, NTP, STP, IGMP, SSH
Network Management IPv4/IPv6, HTTPs, SNMPv2c, SSH, Cambium Networks CnMaestro™
VLAN 802.lQ with 802.lp priority
Subscribers per Sector Up to 120; Lite version limited to 10
Nominal Receive Sensitivity (w/FEC) @20MHz Channel MCSO = -93 dBm to MCS15 = -69 dBm (per branch)
Nominal Receive Sensitivity (w/FEC) @40MHz Channel MCSO = -90 dBm to MCS15 = -66 dBm (per branch)
Modulation Levels (Adaptive) MCSO (BPSK) to MCS15 (640AM 5/6)
GPS Synchronization Yes, via internal GPS or CMM4 with 56 V and 5 pin to 7 pin cross over cable adapter
Quality of Service Three-level priority (Voice, High, Low) with packet classification by DSCP, COS, VLAN ID, IP & MAC Address, Broadcast, Multicast, 
and Station Priority
Transmit Power Range 0 to +30 dBm (combined, to regional EIRP limit) (1 dB interval)
Sector Antenna ePMP Sector Antenna (C050900D021A) available
ePMP 2000 Smart Antenna ePMP 2000 Smart Antenna (C050900D020A) available (complimentary; does not replace Sector Antenna)
Sector Antenna Connection 2 x 50 ohm, RP (reverse polarity) SMA
Beamforming Antenna Connection 2 x 50 ohm, RP (reverse polarity) SMA, DC coupled (powering antenna)
GPS Antenna Connection 1 x 50 ohm, RP (reverse polarity) SMA
Surge Suppression 1 Joule Integrated
Environmental IP55
Temperature -30°C to +55°C (-22°F to +131°F)
Power Consumption 20 W Maximum [1]
Input Voltage 44 V to 59 V
Weight 0.7 kg (1.54 lbs.) without brackets
Dimensions 125 x 210 x 37 mm (4.9 x 8.3 x 1.5 in.) without brackets
Pole Mount Included Yes
Environmental Cover Included Yes
Encryption 128 bit AES (CCMP mode)
Industry Canada Cert 109W-0020

EN 301 893 V2.1.1  

EN 302 502 V2.1.1

[1] The maximum power consumption of the Access Point is the same regardless of whether the optional Smart
Beamforming Antenna is equipped or not. This is because the Beamforming Antenna draws its power during the uplink
cycle when the Access Point power consumption is not at its maxium.

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